E VFiat 500e

Our Fiat 500e first week after repair

Our Fiat 500e, the first week after the repair exercise is really great. Do not pop up any error on your computer. Despite the negative temperatures (from-3 to-10) and the hard leg of the guide. In addition, in the heating of the cabin and the battery, the city is formed in the area of 90km-100km. Our Fiat 500e the first week after the repair makes us really much fun.


Our Fiat 500e after two months of battery regeneration.

I will say briefly! It’s SUPER! 😀 Firstly, the battery of high voltage, Fiat 500e from 2013 years, after regeneration exercises much more than our most dare expectations. In the already almost shaken summer with the car, the battery after regenaration in the service electric cars Electro AutoBodo shows only a few percentage levels of degradation. Secondly, the acceleration of our Fiat 500e does not deviate too much from the other copies of this vintage. Finally, the range of regenerated fifty hundred at positive temp. The air is more than 170km. As a result, no one was surprised to „say goodbye to the turtle” with that result. The HV battery regeneration proved to be fully successful

We killed the Turtle
We killed the Turtle

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