Complete post-warranty service Toyota Hybrid

Complete post-warranty service Toyota Hybrid
Toyota C-HR Hybrid

Check Hybrid System

Complete post-warranty service Toyota Hybrid. Check Hybrid System is a mistake that indicates the consumption of a traction battery (HV battery) of your hybrid car. Do not worry, you are no longer only condemned to very expensive Toyota authorized services. Come to us. We will perform a full computer diagnosis of your hybrid car. After that, we will define the scope of repair of the hybrid. Check Hybrid does not necessarily imply the need to purchase a new hybrid battery. It turns out that very often it is enough to replace, only a few broken target for the battery to regain almost full efficiency. In conclusion, the cost of repair-the regeneration of the HV battery of a hybrid car can prove to be even several times cheaper than replacing the entire traction battery in the Toyota Sevisie.

Complete post-warranty service from Toyota and Lexus Hybrid

Complete post-warranty service from Toyota and Lexus Hybrid. In other words, repairs of the suspension and braking system to the engine and traction battery and all components of the hybrid system. We provide comprehensive support for Toyota Hybrid cars. First of all, we provide computer diagnostics for professional equipment and repairs and repair of hybrid batteries Toyota and Lexus. We offer comprehensive fleet and private car service. We also cooperate with car workshops from all over Europe. Possibility to ship the same accumulator for regenration.

Batteries for hybrid cars

We repair batteries for hybrid cars on original spare parts or at the customer’s request, good quality replacements. As a result, we guarantee the repairs and spare parts made by us. Electric and hybrid drives are our speciality. Our team consists of mechanics, automotive electromechanics, IT pros and electronics working with LiIion and LiPo batteries for many years. Thanks to this, as the only unauthorized service we offer comprehensive support for hybrid cars. If you are still not sure if we are the best choice, read about the problem we solved with electrical Fiat 500e

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