Electro Auto Bodo Service provides support for electric cars from A to Z.



  • Computer diagnostics of electric cars. Software updates for all components. As well as American „service actions”. Erases errors. But I personalize the parameters of the electric car.
  • Powertrain repairs. Both mechanical and electrical parts.
  • High Voltage installation service. That is, from charging through the battery to the engine.
  • Repair of traction battery-high voltage. When it lacks power or completely does not want to move. High voltage battery regeneration, electric cars
  • Hybrid Battery Regeneration 
  • Accumulators for hybrid cars
  • Traction battery diagnosis-high voltage and isolator status. So what every curious wants to know-a piece of completely unnecessary information;)
  • Regeneration of discharged high voltage batteries. In other words, the chef’s specialty;) Therefore, read more about our electric Fiacie 500e on our blog.


For all interested in buying an electric car we offer:

Overview of the electric car with a computer analysis of the consumption status of the high voltage battery. 

Full mechanical, electrical and electronic service and service of HV-high voltage battery of electric and hybrid Plug In cars. 

Fiata 500e Service

Toyota Hybrid Service

HV Battery Repair

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