Electric car Service

Serwis Pojazdów Elektrycznych - Electric car Service

Electric car Service​

The first „genuine” Polishelectric car service. We have been a car mechanic for many years now. Thanks to this we are known and appreciated in Łódź as a serviceAutoBodo. Only the purchase of our first electric car fascinated us with this technology. We have met all the secrets of our Fiat 500e overa year of time. Therefore, today we are proud to be able to make our debut as the best electric service Fiat 500e in Poland!

Battery repair and regeneration of electric and hybrid cars.​

Repair and regeneration of high voltage batteries(HV) of zero-emission and hybrid cars. Replacement of defective target and high-voltage battery isolators. Remove problems related to too deep discharge. Reports of high-voltage battery consumption status. Overhaul of electric cars.


Full computer diagnostics for electric cars​

We perform full computer diagnostics of electriccars using top-notch equipment. As a result, we program and delete errors from all the centrbasins and car drivers.

What’s most noteworthy as the first we solved the problem of „blocked” Fiat 500e! The result of our work is best checked by watching the performance of our regenerated high-voltage battery for Fiat 500e


That is why, today, as we come to the counter, your current and future needs, we are calling for the life of Serwis Pojazdów Elektrycznych electric car service
… But really, Electro AutoBodo is not our answer to the needs of the market, or the future of motoring…  Serwis Pojazdów Elektrycznych electric car service was created from the fascination of the „new” branch of the automotive market, which are electric cars. Branches of the market, in which 200Nm at startup achieves auto from the class of „budget”. 🙂



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