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How to remove the battery from Fiat 500e?

How to remove the battery from Fiat 500e?

How to remove the battery from Fiat 500e? This is not an easy operation like the Toyota or Lexus hybrids. Most hybrids have placed a traction battery in the trunk of the car, just behind the rear bench. Battery HV (high voltage) Fiat 500e I find myself under the car. To expose the box containing 96 lithium ion target, electric fifty hundred, we need to start by dismantling the rear bridge. Before unscrewing the first screws, be sure to disconnect the battery fuse under the rear seat.

The next step is to disconnect the braking system components: brake lines, hand ropes and ABS sensors. Then we disassemble the aerodynamic covers and proceed to disconnect the high voltage, grounding and CAN networks. We drain the coolant and we can start the procedure of lowering the battery box HV

If you are still not sure how to remove the battery from Fiat 500e? Trust the Professionals and contact Electro AutoBodo service. We specialize in repairs of traction batteries for electric and hybrid cars. This way we give you guarantees that we will not damage your car. Watch all the operations of the Fiata 500e HV battery Dismantling in our video:

Note!!! Even the discharged traction battery Fiat 500e has about 300V. This voltage is much higher than that of the electrical sockets. All procedures described and shown here threaten to lose health or life, so they should be performed by professionals with electrical power up to 1kV.

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