Fiat 500e Service

Fiat 500e service in Poland

We are the first Polish post-warranty car service specializing in repairs Fiat 500e.

Fiat 500e service in Poland. The electric 500 is very well known to us, because we own this electric car ourselves. Through our service during the last year, several pieces of this small, agile, electric car have been moved. Thanks to this, as the first in Poland, we „put a foot on our feet” a car that did not want to drive from the moment of picking up from the port and spent much more than a year in this state. That’s why we decided to develop the AutoBodo activity for the Fiat 500e Electric Service in Poland Electric Fiat 500e The electric Fiat 500 is our specialty.  5/5

Full electric service Fiat 500e

Serwis Pojazdów Elektrycznych Electric Car Service provides comprehensive service of electric Fiat 500. Such as: Computer diagnostics dedicated to the service computer Fiat-Chrysler. We delete any error, we perform any updates. We have access to all spare parts. As a result, we offer full service Fiata 500e Computer Diagnostics Fiata 500e
  • Service of heating and cooling system for the installation of high voltage, as well as the procedure for venting the layout.
  • Electric Fiat Service Air conditioner-that is, from the gas punching to the regeneration of the compressor motor.
  •  Fiata 500e overhaul also with full battery diagnosis
  • We provide transport to the service by our own lawette, that is, we guarantee a complete service with transportation from the door to the doors.

Schedule of inspections, maintenance and replacement parts Fiat 500e

List of service activities with Inst. Manual Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e-Check list of inspections and replacement of consumable parts.
Check List of inspections and replacement of consumable parts.
HV Battery Repair
We regenerate, repair, and raise the life of all hybrid and electric vehicles to Beterie HV. Read more about Fiat 500 electric repairs on our blog. See how a high-voltage battery removal operation from a Fiat 500e car looks like
Electric car overhaul Overview. High Voltage Battery Service Fiat 500e Grey and Orange Electric Fiat 500e
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