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Locked Fiat 500e-REPAIRED

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Blocked Fiat 500e? How does this occur and why? Many fresh owners of Fiat 500e, just after picking the car from the port, met with an unpleasant surprise. Firstly, Auto displays the whole „Christmas tree” bugs, does not want to go into the driving standby mode and does not react or throws an error when attempting to charge the car. Secondly, the charge status indicates 0% or 49% of the traction battery capacity. In other words we have locked Fiat 500e.

Locked Fiat 500e-REPAIRED! We are proud to announce that Serwis Pojazdów Elektrycznych Electric car service is the first in Poland (it is possible that also in the world) SOLVED THIS PROBLEM. As a result, our orange Fiat 500e from 2013 years has a great job. Despite the high frost, it drives and loads without the slightest problem. Repair Lithium ion battery fully successful, resulting in Fiat 500e-REPAIRED. At the same time we are proud to announce that we run the full Fiat 500e service in Europe

Fiat 500e Service Toyota Service, Lexus Hybrid HV Battery Regeneration

About the causes of the error, and about the performance and reach of Fiat 500e with a repaired battery, read in the following posts on our blog. Check also how it behaves our Fiat 500e week after repair

Locked Fiat 500e-REPAIRED
Fiat 500e after battery regeneration
Fiat 500e after repairing high voltage battery

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