Accumulators for hybrid cars

Accumulators for hybrid cars

Accumulators for hybrid cars, electric and hybrid plug-in cars of all brands, including American. We will replace or repair/regenerate each battery in any electric or hybrid car. If you need to replace your hybrid battery with a new, consider our hybrid battery regeneration service beforehand. Regeneration-the repair of a hybrid battery is our specialty for which we guarantee as \ Service. But this is not the only reason to consider our offer. The price of a hybrid battery regeneration can be up to several times less than the purchase price of a new hybrid battery. How is that possible? And why is it possible to regenerating a hybrid battery at all you will learn from the rest of the article.

Why is it possible to regenerating a hybrid battery?

The explanation is very simple. Accumulators for hybrid cars, consist of multiple series-connected battery target. As you remember from the physics classes, the serial battery connection does not change the intensity but increases the voltage by the sum of the voltages of individual battery cells. With this combination, we are able to obtain a hybrid voltage of 400V DC in a car. Unfortunately, this combination does not guarantee uniform consumption of individual battery cells. In addition, the entire battery for a hybrid car is as strong as its weakest link. Regeneration of a hybrid battery consists of measuring the individual target of the battery and replacing its weakest cells. As a result, we can restore full battery efficiency to a hybrid car at a fraction of the new price.

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