49% not ready Fiat 500e

49% not ready Fiat 500e when received from port. This is a common problem for these electric cars during a long time not To use-eg. Transport from the United States. This Problem should resolve the service action or update U69. And it consists of charging a 12V battery with HV-high voltage battery well below its safe discharge state.

Symptoms 49% Not ready Fiat 500e:

  • Battery charge status 0%
  • or 49%
  • Not ready-The car does not enter the driving standby mode.
  • Limited power mode-Big turtle on display
  • Yellow warning triangle-Service electric vehicle
  • The car is not charging when the charger is connected

If your car shows all the above symptoms. Don’t hesitate! Call AutoBodo as soon as possible! The sooner you give the high-voltage regeneration package, the better we get the results. We specialize in regenerating discharged Fiat 500e. Thanks to our refined method, we have managed to reduce the degradation of the package to a minimum or almost zero. Watch the Fiata 500e road test Video after the HV battery regeneration

Loading Fiat 500e

Our last patient during the first road test after the regeneration of the HV battery reaches 87kW!!!!!!! This is why the test of power after the electrical rebirth of Fiat 500e is the best proof of our effectiveness of the 49% not-ready-to-be. If you have this problem with your electrician, do not risk damaging the HV battery on your home repair attempt. In addition, we only manage to get the minimum degree of degradation of the package. We can no longer wait for the next test of power after the first full cycle after regeneration, because the result should be even better:D

Electric Power Test Fiat 500 after the regeneration of the HV battery
87kW after battery regeneration HV Fiata 500e
87kW after battery regeneration HV Fiata 500e